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It appears pretty much every household has at the least a small assortment of cookie cutters. When a holiday comes around, new cookie cutters get included with the collection. Thats a special birthday comes around, a party theme might prompt you to definitely add much more decorative cookie cutters to the collection. Running across a great variety of the cookie cutters can be enough reason that you should put money into much more. What can you use all of those cookie cutters? Well, you will find a good number of fun approaches to employ them:

Fun Food Shapes

Obviously you can use them to cut from the cookies, but there are also a number of other approaches to use decorative cookie cutters with food. One example is, you are able to cut individual cake portions using the fondant cutters. Cut your lunch time peanut butter and jam sandwiches into fun shapes for that kiddos. You may take your creativity further and cut tortilla chips in your favorite shapes or serve up pizza in the shape of your kids' favorite animals. Think about using tiny cutters to slice fruit and veggies as a healthy alternative to sugary snacks. Consider using those tiny cookie cutters to cut out decorative elements when you're frosting a cake.

Essential Crafting Tools

Beyond food, you should use decorative cookie cutters to make crafts and home decor. During the holidays, this is particularly easy. Utilize your cookie cutters to make shapes for Christmas tree ornaments or to generate a holiday- themed garland to string over the window. Whether you use the cookie cutters to trace fabric or use them as a mold for clay, your dimensions and details will definitely be right on. They can be used just as well for other holidays and seasonal celebrations.

Gifts and Gift Toppers

For quite a few crafters the cookie cutter are going to be portion of the project, not only a tool employed in the creation of the project. For example, you can use crafting paper to put on the back of the cookie cutter and employ it like a small tray for tiny gifts or to be a countdown calendar. You can use cookie cutters within a tag while gift wrapping. The cookie cutters may be used as the base for the pincushion. The options are truly endless.

Art Supplies for that Kids' Art Room

If you've set up a form of art room for your children, be sure you include a number of your decorative cookie cutters within the art collections. They manufacture excellent tracing shapes. They enable you to design soaps, to inspire toys, make new crayons, and motivate the development of several other projects. In the art room setup,these cutters can spark creativity and a wide range of different cookie cutters may be inspiring.

Where Will Cookie Cutters Take Your Imagination?

With every one of these ideas to help you started, there's no excuse to have a tiny collection. Make certain that your home, your art room, every gift basket, and other creative areas of your property are stocked with cookie cutters of numerous shapes and sizes so that you're prepared for any celebration.