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The Big Environment-friendly Egg is the most flexible grill I have ever owned. It can jamie oliver homemade burgers burn steaks at temperature levels as much as 700F or it can gradually smoke a 10lb brisket for 17 hrs at 225F. It works as a grill an oven and also a smoker all in one! An additional terrific function of the Big Green Egg is that it is really fuel effective. The grill conveniently keeps the wanted temperature for a number of hours or perhaps overnight using fairly little charcoal when compared to a typical grill. The most effective component about the Big Eco-friendly Egg is that it is simple to make scrumptious food!

Hamburgers are among my favorite things to cook on the Big Eco-friendly Egg ... Basic quick as well as of course Kburger recipe tasty. There are a million various recipes for hamburgers however they follow the same formula bun sauce hamburger cheese seasonings and bacon (all excellent burgers have bacon). My favored burger dish complies with the exact same formula jalapeno bun (from a regional bakeshop!) skilled hamburger baked corn guacamole pepper jack cheese and also... Texas thick cut bacon. I call it "Erics Famous." With this recipe you can barbecue tasty burgers for your family and friends as well as take credit as a "grill master!"

Heres Just how to make it:

To make the guacamole and also bacon:

- Fry some bacon in jamie oliver homemade burgers a frying pan reserved. Leave some bacon fat in the pan. - Saute finely chopped onion garlic and also corn in the bacon fat. - Mash 1 avocado in a bowl. - Integrate onion garlic corn as well as avocado in the dish mix uniformly.