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The other toys in the Iron Man 2 Action Figure set look great too, like the Mark VI Armor with two variants, one with power glow and one with the suitcase. Also available are Red Vortex, Inferno Mission, and others. Again, there was no scrimping on detail when these toys were designed.

Use your utility knife or razor blade to remove any excess film from the sides of your window and replace the weather gasket. Check the film manufacturer's instructions to see how long your specific film needs to cure. Allow this amount of time without driving or operating the window.

Of course, this is still an action film, and in that regard it does not disappoint doing all his own stunts and showing up many people half his age (me included). I don't care if Sly is over 60, and I don't care if the critics want to give him a bit of a bashing, he is great in this film. Such presence without the need to say very much.

Eric listened to me and agreed to film and to edit the commercial for a reasonable price. I was happy. My over bearing boss would be off my back. I could relax. Then Eric said those fateful words "but you have to write the script and direct it. You can send me the script by email".

And now the feature presentation. Push is about Nick Gant, a somewhat hapless guy with underdeveloped telekinetic powers that gets embroiled in a plot by Division, an arm of the US government trying to use the segment of the population with special "abilities" as super-soldiers: yes, like in a quickly developed and forgotten subplot in season 3 of Heroes. Division has been developing a serum meant to enhance and amplify the "abilities" of these people that have them, not to be confused with the serum from Heroes that gives abilities to people without them.

Division has apparently been around since sometime after World War 2, but the destruction of the one and only seemingly viable version of this serum is apparently the one thing that will "bring Division down." Not sure the logic here because Division has been doing just fine without a viable version of this serum for years. Also, the focus of all this seems to be recovering the one syringe filled with this serum. click here for info 's a little strange that the guys that developed the serum would have no record of the formula used for it or any idea how to recreate it.

When it comes to machinima, this short film was created beautifully. The characters actions were in sync and some of the dialog was rerecorded to fill in certain segments. Some of the language was edited due to the fact that FOX was chosen to air the film on their network. Even though it wasn't created the same way as many videos posted on YouTube, John Hillcoat used nothing but what was in the game to make a 30 minute film that was worthy of being aired on TV.